Fly-in Fishing to the Ogoki Reservoir "The Walleye Factory"

The Ogoki Reservoir was created as a water diversion to divert water that was flowing north to James Bay, south into Lake Nipigon for hydroelectric power generation on the Nipigon River before it enters Lake Superior. Construction on this project was carried out in the late 1930's and dams built on the Ogoki River and Mojikit Lake were closed in 1942 combining the Ogoki River and 3 existing lakes into one large body of water. The resulting reservoir is almost 35 miles long and covers over 35,000 acres. Ice roads and winter roads that were utilized to transport materials during construction have long since disappeared and the only access to the area is by seaplane.

Because of its irregular shape with lots of bays and islands, there are no large open expanses where wind and rough water pose a problem for fishing or boating.

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